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Service Department

Service Department


Lake of the Lake of the Ozarks Harley-Davidson® utilizes the Harley-Davidson® Digital Technician System. This state of the art unit is kept up-to-date with a real time connection to the factory diagnostics for the ultimate tune-up.

Pick-Up & Delivery:

We have an enclosed trailer available for pick-up and delivery. We charge $2.25 per mile, minimum $75.00.

Just a reminder:

With any work done in our shop, we provide a free standard wash of your motorcycle for you.

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You get more than you may expect with Harley-Davidson® Authorized Service. Our regular service always includes a thorough performance and safety inspection along with so much more. Why risk anything less? Take your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle to the experts who know it best - your Authorized Harley-Davidson® Dealership. Don't get short changed, it's more than an oil change

  1. Replace engine oil, filter, and drain plug O-ring. Torque drain plug to proper specification. Ensure proper oil level at operating temperature.
  2. Check operation of all electrical equipment, lighting, and controls.
  3. Inspect front and rear tire tread depth and air pressure. Check tightness of all spokes (if equipped).
  4. Inspect fluid level of front brake and clutch reservoirs. check torque of cover screws.
  5. Check torque of switch housing screws, clutch level handlebar clamp screws, and master cylinder handlebar screws.
  6. Check engine coolant freeze point and inspect for leaks. Clean radiators.
  7. Drain and replace primary chaincase lubricant and drain plug O-ring.
  8. Drain and replace transmission lubricant and drain plug O-ring.
  9. Inspect oil, brake, and duel lines and fittings for leaks, contacts, or abrasions.
  10. Inspect rear brake reservoir for proper level. Check torque of cover screws.
  11. Inspect front brake pads and discs. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.
  12. Inspect read brake pads and dics. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.
  13. Check torque of frontal and rear axle nut.
  14. Inspect and lubricate jiffy stand.
  15. Lubricate clutch cable. Ensure proper cable adjustment and hand lever free play.
  16. Check, adjust, and lubricate brake and clutch controls.
  17. Inspect and adjust drive belt. Inspect wheel sprocket.
  18. Inspect exhaust system for leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or exhaust shields.
  19. Check battery, clean connections and torque terminal screws.
  20. Check torque of switch housing screws, clutch level handlebar clamp screws, and master cylinder handlebar screws.
  21. Lubricate the fuel door, hinge, and latch.
  22. Flush brake and clutch system and replace DOT 4 brake and clutch fluids every 2 years.
  23. Road test - verify component and system functions.

Regular maintenance will help keep your H-D® motorcycle operating at peak performance. Your Harley-Davidson® dealer knows best how to service your motorcycle with factory approved methods and equipment assuring you of through and competent workmanship.

Depicted are areas serviced during the recommended 1,000 mile service for a 2017 Touring model. Refer to a owners manual for more details.

SYN3® oil is the only synthetic lubricant specifically designed for use in your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson® Longblock Program

Your engine is the heart & soul of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

When the miles start to add up, a Harley-Davidson®, LongBlock can put the rumble back in your ride simply, quickly, & affordably.

Why Should I Consider A Longblock?

Unlike an engine rebuild from the repair shop down the street, the Harley-Davidson® LongBlock is manufactured from 100% new Original Equipment components, and is built to the latest factory specifications. Engine includes upgraded Screamin' Eagle® lefty crankcase bearing, Screamin' Eagle cam bearings and Screamin' Eagle performance tappets to handle higher stress loads and performance upgrades. In addition, '99'-06 LongBlocks are upgraded with late-model hydraulic cam tensioners, high-volume oil pump and billet cam plate. '07-'13 103CI and 110CI engines feature factory -installed Automatic Compression Releases.

What Does The H-D® Longblock Include?

The crankcase is pre-assembled with flywheels, connecting rods, bearings, seals, cylinders, pistons, rings, heads, valves, valve springs, tappets and pushrod covers. Also included and ready for Dealer installation are top end rocker arm supports, rocker arms and shafts, pushrods, and breathers. The LongBlock also includes cam support plate, cam plate bearings, cam and timing chain drive, hydraulic tensioners and all required gaskets and new hardware.

Are Upgrades Available?

You can choose silver or black- highlighted engines to match your styling direction. Bikes originally equipped with Twin Cam 88 engines can upgrade to 95 or 103C1 displacement, and Twin Cam 96-equipped models can be repowered with 103 or 110CI engines, based on specific model fitment. Upgrades require model-specific ECM recalibration (sold separately). *Displacement upgrades are available for vehicles previously equipped with street compliant big bore kits only.

What Else Do I Need?

LongBlock is sold without cam shafts, lower rocker boxes, upper rocker box covers, or cam cover. You have the option to re-install your current cams and covers, or select from a wide assortment of performance and custom engine cover options.

Fast And Easy!

Just take your Harley® motorcycle to your authorized dealership. They will remove the engine from the frame, ship the left crankcase half to Harley-Davidson®, and in a short time, you will have a new LongBlock back, ready for the dealer to reinstall in your bike. Your engine retains its original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for easy title exchange and registration.

Screamin' Eagle® Street Performance Crate Motor

Your engine is the heart & soul of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. When the miles start to add up, a Harley-Davidson®. LongBlock can put the rumble back in your ride simply, quickly, & affordably.

Why Should I Consider a Screamin' Eagle® SE120 ST Street Performance Crate Motor?

It's the largest engine displacement Harley-Davidson® has ever offered for Twin Cam models. Now street compliant in North America and backed by a full 1-year factory warranty. For owners looking for extreme performance and the bragging rights that go with it, this engine is for you.

The motor is designed for bolt-in installation on the Original Equipment -style chassis of Touring motorcycles and comes equipped with the large bore 58mm throttle body- that's 18% larger than the O.E. throttle body.

*Developed and tested in Milwaukee

What does the Screamin' Eagle® SE120ST Street Performance Crate Motor include?

  • *4.060 big-bore cylinders
  • *4-5/8" stroke SE Pro stroker flywheel and rod assembly
  • *10.5:1 high-can pression nickel-plated forged pistons with Teflon® coated skirt
  • *Titanium SST piston rings
  • *SE-2 59E high-lift cams
  • *Perfect-Fit pushrods
  • *SE high-performance lifters
  • *CNC-ported MVA heads with automatic compression release
  • *Screamin' Eagle Pro High-Flow 58mm EFI Throttle Body, high flow injectors & manifold clamps
  • *Machined lower rocker boxes for valve spring collar clearance
  • *Factory-machined engine cases
  • *Screamin' Eagle inner crankcase full complement cam needle bearings
  • *SE Lefty high-performance crankcase output bearing and nitride bearing race
  • *SE Performance spark plugs
  • *120ST cam cover and cylinder head medallions

What Else do I Need to Know?

Fits 50-state '10-later Touring models. Does not fit Twin-Cooled™ models. '10 Touring models require Screamin' Eagle Big Twin Compensator Kit P/N 40100061.

All EFI-equipped models require ECM calibration, ready upon install - does not require tuning on your Dyno equipment.

The ST in the SE120ST stands for "Street-Tuned", noting that it is a street compliant engine.

This engine is street-legal when used with Original Equipment mufflers or the Screamin' Eagle Street Performance Exhaust System P/N 64800022. All EFI-equipped models require ECM calibration* (priced separately). U.S. delivered engines include Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO).

*Recalibration is required for proper installation, See Dealer for details. Labor cost not included

Get The Details

This street-tuned 120 cubic inch Screamin' Eagle® Crate Motor takes your bagger from mild to wild. This engine is designed for bolt-in installation in the Original Equipment- style chassis of your Touring bike. The crankcase, cylinders and heads are painted black, and feature machined aluminum highlights and chrome covers for a stunning "shay-and-go" look.

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